My analysis and opinions on the Crisis in Lebanon

Here are my own analyses, opinions, and reactions to the crisis in Lebanon. Everything is open for discussion and debate. I welcome alternative analyses and new information.

My analysis has a bias toward my estimation of the Arab perspective, but in the end my arguments hinge on the implications for the security of Israel and America. This is not because I think Israel and American deserve security more than anyone else but because we, more than anyone else, have the power to choose war or peace in the Middle East. The way we are behaving now not only destroys innocent people, it also destroys our security.

Happily, I will argue, the moral and legal choices are generally the ones that best ensure our security and national interest.

America, Britain, and Israel: Axis of Isolation

  1. My Analysis of the Crisis in Lebanon
      Dire consequences for all concerned (and unconcerned)

  2. Email Debate with a Jewish neo-con friend
      Expanded and revised

  3. My op-ed about the Crisis in Lebanon
      The Unstoppable Force and the Immovable Object

  4. Emotional Reaction and Personal Stories
      War affects human beings first and foremost

  5. Satire: Is there really such thing as an "illegitimate target"?
      It's open season!

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