Crisis in Lebanon

        July 2006

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To summarize the point: Imagine if Northern Irish militants raided London and killed four British soldiers and captured two, and in response Britain, without warning, bombed Irish civilian areas and infrastructure from north to south, including villages and suburbs, roads, bridges, ports, Shannon airport, dairy farms, cell phone towers, homes, apartment buildings, and fleeing vehicles. Imagine if they flattened several suburbs in Dublin that were sympathetic to Sinn Fein. Imagine if, in the course of the attacks, Britain killed 1,200 Irish people, 90% of them civilians, one-third of them children.

This is essentially what Israel is doing to Lebanon. It will be precisely as effective, and it is legal and moral to the same degree.

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Widespread destruction in southern Beirut

Lebanese civil society struggling to overcome Israel's
destruction of their transportation infrastructure

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  2. My opinions and analysis
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  4. Has Israel committed war crimes?
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