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My Artwork

Mt. Magazine, Arkansas, Spring 2009

Andrea's Mountains, Stigler, 1992 (Age 12)

Woman Smoking Nargila, Stigler, Fall 2008

Bulgarian by the Sea, Stanford, Spring 2000

Dahab on a Bowl, Tulsa, 2008

King Tut, History Class, Stigler, 1995

Tessellation, Somewhere in Oklahoma or Texas, ca. 1994

Random Existential Angst, Oklahoma City, 1998

Buttons and Quilt, with the help of Mom, ca. 1992

Artwork Given to Me by Others

Lucky, carved by my Grandfather, 1988

Spirit of the Hills, carved by my Grandfather, ca. 1990

Cross-stitch, done by my mother, 1988

Birthday collage, done by Holly Clay, January 2000

Art Photos Taken of Me

The Gates of Hell (actually of high school), taken by Emily Pyle for an art class, 1998

Photograph taken by Connie Zhou for an art class, 1999