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About Me

I was born in Tulsa, OK and grew up in Stigler, a small town in eastern Oklahoma. I went to the Oklahoma School of Science and Math (public boarding school in Oklahoma City) for the last two years of high school then moved to California to study physics and political science at Stanford.

I graduated in 2002 and wandered around bartending and traveling for a couple of years until I landed in Palestine. I lived in Ramallah for a year and a half and had an amazing time working as a journalist, doing foreign press coordination for a presidential candidate, traveling, and writing a blog called Letters from Palestine.

In January 2006 I moved to Washington, DC and worked at a Defense think tank in the belly of the Bush Beltway to find out what I could learn and teach. After nearly two years in DC, I moved back to Ramallah and started writing a book called Fast Times in Palestine. Its aim is to bring a sophisticated understanding of the Israel/Palestine conflict to ordinary Americans through an engaging, well-researched narrative full of suspense, humor, beauty, terror, and romance. You can view my blog to check the status of the project. It will be published in North American in March 2013. (My agent and I are still trying to sell the foreign rights to countries around the world.)

I enjoy sports, especially soccer, basketball, jujitsu, and scuba diving. Here are a few quotations I enjoy.

"There are people who prefer to say 'yes' and there are people who prefer to say 'no.' Those who say 'yes' are rewarded by the adventures they have, and those who say 'no' are rewarded by the safety they attain."

~ Keith Johnstone, Impro